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Crazy Wisdom will re-open in the second half of August. We have decided to “take the summer off” and watch how things unfold with Covid-19 in the Ann Arbor area. There remains so much uncertainty about the spread of the virus, and so much tentativeness about businesses re-opening. For us, it would be much more expensive to staff our store while only doing 25% or 35% of our regular business, than to stay closed for a few more months. In the meantime, please go to shopcrazywisdom.com and support our bookstore family by buying books from us online. We look forward to seeing our retail customers again in-person in a few months!


We will continue publishing our Crazy Wisdom Weekly e-zine throughout the summer and will be publishing the 25th anniversary issue of The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal right on schedule in late August.


Stay safe, and physically distanced, and please wear masks. Savor daily life as best you can, and cherish the opportunities to be close to those you love.


--Bill Zirinsky and Ruth Schekter, stewards of Crazy Wisdom Bookstore since 1989



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2020 Hours:

Monday-Saturday 11-7

Sunday 12-5




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