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The Science and Practice of Changing Your Life

by Glimpsing the Future with Julia Mossbridge and Richard Mann

Tuesday, November 6, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Author Julia Mossbridge will be in town from San Francisco to talk about her new book, written with Teresa Cheung, called The Premonition Code. Julia is a Fellow at the Institute for Noetic Sciences and a Visiting Scholar at Northwestern University. Her previous book, with Imants Baruss, was Transcendent Mind, one of the first academic books to examine paranormal experiences. One of her primary interests is the nature of time, including precognition and premonitions.




Richard Mann is Psychology Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan and has strong and similar interests in the nature of time and intention. For more than 5 decades, he has been a leading light in Ann Arbor’s consciousness community.


This Salon will be moderated by Sandy Wiener, who has organized six previous salons on varied subjects.




For additional information, contact Sandy Wiener at: sandy@swiener.com



(On Monday Nov. 5, Julia Mossbridge will be at Rackham Auditorium at 7 PM for a talk sponsored by the U-M Program for Creativity and Consciousness, led by Professor Ed Sarath. For more information, contact Sarath at: sarahara@umich.edu)




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