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Crazy Wisdom Monthly Book Discussion

Fridays, 7:30 p.m.

in the Crazy Wisdom Community Room


The monthly book discussion connects participants through the selection, reading, and discussion of books from Crazy Wisdom Bookstore’s diverse inventory. All book selections will be available at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore at a 30% discount. Discussion is free. Contact 665-2757; email deb@crazywisdom.net or visit the Crazy Wisdom Monthly Book Discussion page on meetup.com.

Jan. 17 • Hosted by Deb Flint • Letters to a Dead Friend about Zen by Brad Warner. Brad was on tour, speaking to a group of Zen students in Germany, when he learned that a dear friend had died. As he toured Europe, he wrote to his friend all of the things he wished he had said, including "I'm not all that interested in Buddhism. I'm more interested in what is true". An interesting read that explores grief, attachment, and the afterlife.

Feb. 21 • Hosted by Deb Flint • Crystal Intentions: Practices for

Manifesting Wellness by Lune Innate & Araminta Star Matthews. The sacred energy of crystals has been used for centuries as a way to calm the noise of the world. In this text, dedicated practitioners connect you to crystals to develop a personal practice for spiritual development.

Mar. 20 • Hosted by Deb Flint • Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson.

Lillian and Madison are estranged friends, so it was a shock for Lillian to

get a letter from Madison pleading for help. Madison's twin stepsons are

moving in with her family and she wants Lillian to be their caretaker. There

is a catch: the twins spontaneously combust when they get agitated. A most

unusual story of parental love!

Apr. 10 • Hosted by Bill Zirinsky • Welcoming the Unwelcome by Pema

Chödrön. In her first new book of spiritual teachings in over seven years,

Pema Chödrön shows us how to strengthen our abilities to find common

ground, even when we disagree, and influence our environment in positive

ways. Sharing never-before told personal stories from her remarkable life,

simple and powerful everyday practices, and directly relatable advice, Pema

encourages us all to become triumphant bodhisattvas–compassionate

beings–in times of hardship.



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