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Crazy Wisdom Monthly Book Discussion

Fridays, 7:30 p.m.

in the Crazy Wisdom Community Room


The monthly book discussion connects participants through the selection, reading, and discussion of books from Crazy Wisdom Bookstore’s diverse inventory. All book selections will be available at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore at a 30% discount. Discussion is free. Contact 665-2757; email deb@crazywisdom.net or visit the Crazy Wisdom Monthly Book Discussion page on meetup.com.









   Jan. 18 • On Being Nice by A School of Life. Hosted by Deb Flint. The school of life is dedicated to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture, believing that some of our most important problems stem from a lack of self-understanding, compassion and communication.  While lots of books that want us to change seek to make us richer or thinner, this small book wants to help us be nicer- less irritable, more patient, readier to listen, and warmer- a great New Year’s goal.        Feb. 15 • I’m Afraid of Men by Vivek Shraya. Hosted by Deb Flint. Described as an emotional book layered with humor, the author challenges us to do better regarding acceptance and understanding of gender identity.  Shraya is a trans artist that explores how masculinity was forced on her as a boy and how it continues to haunt her as a girl. Written with raw honesty, the author shares her journey from camouflage to full color.        Mar. 15 • How to Not Always be Working by Marlee Grace. Hosted by Deb Flint. Subtitled “a toolkit for creativity and radical self-care” this book reads as a part workbook, part love- letter and part self-improvement book.  By creating personal definitions of work (what is done with sense of purpose), job (what is done to make money) and breaks (what is done to recharge) a person is encouraged to explore the best ways to make use of time.  A creative manifesto that everyone can benefit from.      Apr. 12 • A Call for Revolution - Vision for the Future by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Hosted by Bill Zirinsky. The excerpt on the back of this book says it best: “My young friends, you are my hope for humanity.  I want to state it loudly and clearly so that you hear and respond to my message.  I am confident in the future, for you have the capacity to lead humanity toward a renewed form of fraternity, justice and solidarity.”



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