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Crazy Wisdom Tea Room Menu


Quiche 4.25


Spinach Pockets w side of hummus 4.00 (v)


Red Lentil soup w side of pita bread or corn chips (v) 4.25


Soup Du Jour w side of pita bread or corn chips (v) 4.25


Hummus Plate (hummus, green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, pita bread or corn chips) (v) 6.00


Mediterranean Plate (the Hummus Plate plus 3 vegetarian grape leaves) (v) 7.50


Salad Du Jour (v) 4.25


Locally made tortes, cakes, scones, cookies, brownies

and other treats are available in great variety. Ask the Crazy Wisdom staff what their favorites are!


Allergies Relief

ginger, eucalyptus, mullien, yerba maté, red clover


Headache Helper

ginseng, damiana, feverfew, peppermint, skullcap, st. john’s wort, white willow bark, capsicum


Immune Booster

echinacea, licorice, pau d’arco, rosehips


Fatigue Relief - Mental and Physical

ginseng, gotu kola, sage, astragalus, damiana,

hawthorn, sarsaparilla root, yerba mate


General Pain Relief

feverfew, mullien, skullcap, white willow bark,

capsicum, kava kava


Nausea Relief

lavender, sarsaparilla root, ginko, lemongrass, ginger


Sore Throat and Cough

marshmallow root, sage, licorice, rosehips, red clover,

kudzu, raspberry leaves


Winter Tonic

ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, orange peel,

linden flower, damiana


Deep Sleep

lavender, chamomile, kava kava, yarrow,

hops, valerian


These herbal blends are suggested in herbal tea reference books available for purchase in the store. We are not medical professionals and recommend consulting your health care provider to be aware of sensitivities you may have to the listed herbs. Medicinal herbs work best in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.


Enjoy our teas anytime, anywhere. Just ask us to package any of our teas.

We can also custom blend our herbs and teas.



jasmine dragon phoenix pearls

jasmine petals/yin hao


moroccan mint

pomegranate green




green mango

japanese cherry


sencha fine



two doves silver needle

panda pearl

white mischief

(pomegranate & guava)

white peony



fancy formosa

orange blossom

quangzhou milk



decaffeinated darjeeling

decaffeinated earl grey

decaffeinated china green



allegria jasmine flush

chrysanthemum blossom

three flower garden

(lily, jasmine & osmanthus)

volcano flower burst

(amaranth, hibiscus & lavender)


Aphrodite’s Adventure

lavender, rosemary, lemon verbena,

spearmint & cinnamon


Eve’s Garden

red clover blossoms, pau d’arco, chamomile,

strawberry leaves, damiana, spearmint,

vitex berries, cramp bark, nettle leaf & licorice root


Diana’s Dance

lemon balm, peppermint, rosehip & sage


Great Creatrix

siberian ginseng root, rosehip & cinnamon


Five Flower Fairie Blend

chrysanthemum, rose petals, jasmine flowers,

lavender & honeysuckle


Neptune’s Dream

hops, licorice root, mugwort

pau d’arco & st. john’s wort


Good Fortune of Dion Witch’s Brew

hibiscus flowers, blackberry leaves, orange peel,

apple pieces & sunflower



fennel, fenugreek, flax

& hibiscus flowers


Mrs. Shakespeare’s Evening Blend

lavender, mullein, sarsaparilla root, ginkgo, & lemongrass


Organic Cranberry Apple

cranberries, dried apple pieces, hibiscus & rosehips


rooibos (organic)

rooibos mandarin orange

rooibos ashanta

(rooibos, vanilla, lemongrass, orange peel, vervain)

rooibos chai



yerba maté (organic)

maté mint (with spearmint) (organic)

maté clarity (with ginseng)




assam satrupa estate

china rose congou

chocolate cherry cordial


darjeeling house

earl grey extra

earl grey organic

earl grey victorian

english breakfast

fruity russian caravan

irish breakfast

kenilworth fancy ceylon

kenya satemwa estate

lapsong souchong

madagascar vanilla

six berry be-at-peace

(black currents, juniper berries, strawberries,

blackberry leaves, cranberries & red currents)



masala house chai

(can be made spiced or with vanilla)

oregon chai

(can be made with chocolate, espresso or both)

green tea chai

rooibos chai


astragalus root (organic)

birch leaf

black cohosh

chamomile (organic egyptian & german)

chrysanthemum flowers


dandelion leaf (organic)

echinacea angustifolia(organic)



fennel seed (organic)

fenugreek (organic)


ginger root

ginkgo biloba

ginseng (siberian & panax)

gotu cola

hawthorn leaf & flower (organic)

hibiscus flowers (organic)

honeybush (organic)



jasmine flowers

kava kava root


lavender flower (organic)

lemon balm or lemon grass (organic)

lemon verbena

licorice root (organic)

linden flower

marshmallow root

mugwort (organic)

mullein (organic)

nettle leaf (organic)

oatstraw (organic)

orange peel (organic)

papaya leaf

passion flower

pau d’arco

peppermint (organic)

red clover blossoms (organic)

red raspberry leaf (organic)

rosehips (organic)

rose petals & buds

rosemary (organic)

sage (organic)


skullcap (organic)

spearmint (organic)

st. john’s wort (organic)

tulsi (holy basil)

valerian (organic)

white willow bark

yarrow (organic)


cup of tea



pot of tea



iced tea



oregon chai latte


pot of masala house chai

$3.75 / $4.25 with steamed milk


tea latté

$3.75 / $4.00 with syrup



12 ounce cup:


16 ounce cup:



12 ounce $1.00/

16 ounce $1.25






one shot $1.00/

two shots $1.95



$1.95 / $2.15


cappuccino latté

 $3.00 / $3.50


café mocha



additional soy, syrup or espresso shot




hot chocolate



french & italian sodas

& steamer

$2.75 / $2.95


ginger brews and izze sodas



apple cider (in season)






Take Out Available!




Sun. noon-8pm,

 Mon. thru Thurs.


Fri. 11am-11pm

Sat. 10am-11pm



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