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Live Music Weekends at Crazy Wisdom Tea Room


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Every Friday and Saturday night Crazy Wisdom invites you to Tea and Tunes. Not a tea drinker? No problem! Crazy Wisdom offer a wide selection of coffee drinks. (while you’re here, don’t forget to try some of our tasty treats as well!)

Friday December 28 – TERRY BIRKETT

Terry Birkett is a guitar player, song writer, and a confirmed lover of music and art. He started playing his dad’s National Steel in 3rd grade, took it up in earnest when he was 16. He started writing songs shortly thereafter as accompaniment to his poetry and musings. Terry has played guitar with a variety of artists and bands, known and not so known, and has continued to write songs about life and love, lost and found. Come on out and have a listen.



Saturday December 29 – STEVE KOVICH

Steve Kovich writes songs which are mostly fiction, yet found to be entirely the truth. His gentle vocals and love of acoustic music shines through in all of his performances. Steve is a longtime member of Songwriters Anonymous, a local songwriting collective.



Friday January 4 – PHIL MCMILLION

Phil McMillion is an Ann Arbor based singer/songwriter whose style is very eclectic. He writes about many subjects and often throws a little humor in the mix.

Phil grew up in Detroit, MI. He attended Cass Technical High School, majoring in music (playing french horn and trumpet). Mostly classically trained, he became influenced by the blues in his early twenties and became self-taught on guitar.

Phil has written over 300 songs. He has played with the bands "No Excuses", "Julia's Seizure" and "Rusty Nails" and is currently playing with The Parsnips and Philip, Rod & Linden Phil is a multi-instrumentalist - playing guitar, bass, percussion, horns, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, among others.




Mike Gentry: Dexter-based singer/songwriter Mike Gentry truly treasures the power of music and when he performs, he’s essentially a generator its empathic energies. Gentry is in his element when he’s sharing his blends of folk odes and Americana-rock ballads with a room of perfect strangers. He appreciates each concert as another opportunity to forge profound connections with his audience through relatable experiences. Gentry has a vibrant personality that makes itself evident in the charismatic banter and anecdotes he shares between songs—but that’s all part of what feeds into the luminosity of his songs and his live sets.

Monte Pride: Monte Pride is a Michigan-born, Michigan-based folk singer-songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist. His rich tenor voice and accomplished guitar technique make him sound older than his years, but the enthusiasm he brings to the music and performance is all youthful, impassioned, and healing energy. His powerful ability to communicate wholeheartedly shines through in his writing, every phrase weaving and winding to form a complex array of soul stirring song. Monte draws inspiration from long-time trailblazing musicians like Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Nick Drake, along with contemporary folk genre-benders like The Tallest Man On Earth, The Avett Brothers, and Frontier Ruckus.




Friday January 11 – J.WASHBURN GARDNER

J. Washburn Gardner brings a unique and lyrical voice to the singer/songwriter realm. Drawing inspiration from his adventures and misadventure in love, friendship, family and pet ownership, he writes and sings songs of love, pain, joy, and coffee.

J. Washburn has lived in southeast Michigan most of his life and currently heralds from Tipton, MI but has roots that span from the Monadnock region of southern New Hampshire to the Puget Sound communities of Tacoma and Seattle, Washington.

A 30+ year choral music veteran and classically trained tenor, his taste and training in music is varied and he brings that forth in his songs which appeal to a varied population. Sometimes cute, sometimes sad, J. Washburn is always pleasing to the ears.



Saturday January 12 – MICHELLE HELD & ANNIE BACON

Michelle Held: Michelle Held is a singer/songwriter with a distinctively soulful and captivating style. “Michelle brings true spirit to a shaking place, with a voice we have not heard in a long, long, time. A hummingbird with a raven's heart." writes Amy Speace, and Brett Callwood (Detroit Metro Times) wrote, “Held plays gentle folk with oft scathing lyrics. It's her voice that adds the X-Factor; that little bit of welcome strange." Held performs regularly throughout Southeast Michigan with recent national appearances that include Kansas City Folk Festival, Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, Wheatland Music Festival and Wisconsin Singer Songwriter Series. Michelle received a Telluride Troubadour honorable mention in 2018.

Annie Bacon: Annie Bacon's true deep love of humans leans her close to the pulse of that humanity. She inscribes it in song so that the lost loves, invisible faces, long dead voices, forgotten moments, the heartbreak and transcendence are immortalized in melodies. The result is a rich and earnest Americana rock sound reeling between the pure tones of Stevie Nicks and the emotive storytelling arcs of Tracy Chapman. Music that means something and makes you feel. Long based in San Francisco, Annie and her partner/bassist Jeremy Mulder relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan in mid 2018. She is also known for her freelance music journalism (SF Critic, The Bay Bridged, KQED), her Folk Opera, coordinating the San Francisco chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association, and founding a parenting forum with over 2500 members.




Friday January 18 – ROBIN MONTEROSSO

Her songs are thoughtfully framed portraits of human experience relying heavily on contrast, and thoughtfully curated into her gallery of compassion. Robin Monterosso's lyrically-driven Americana tunes began wandering into the outer world from her mind, heart and pen at the age of 47, proof that it's never too late to live your dreams.

A Great Lakes girl, an advocate of presence, cold-brew coffee and/or black tea addict, cuddler of rabbits and other critters (but mostly rabbits,) she wants you to know there is never an experience from which you can't learn a valuable lesson. Look for and walk toward those guiding lights. Libra, good handshake, hugger, passionate and moving performer. What else do you need to know?



Saturday January 19 – INDIAN MUSIC NIGHT

A monthly tradition that started in 2007, Indian Music Night is a fun, cozy evening of music curated by local tabla player John Churchville with the members of Ann Arbor based Indian fusion group Sumkali. Every month is a different array of music and musicians ranging from the classical, Hindustani and Carnatic, to more folk and fusion styles like Raga Jazz and Bollywood. You will experience the sounds of a musical tradition that dates back over 2000 years brought to life with traditional Indian instruments like the tabla, bansuri, sarod, sitar paired with more traditional western instrumentation like guitar, bass and saxophone. Come early for a seat on one of our most popular nights!




Friday January 25 – STUART BENBOW

Blending the heart of country music with the rich story telling of folk, and adding a touch of pop to give it some drive, Stuart writes about the world around him. Raised on music, and taking to instruments at an early age, the acoustic guitar eventually became the primary instrument of choice when crafting or performing songs. A husband and father of two, a voice over artist and producer by day and a singer-songwriter whenever possible, Stuart was born in Canada, and now lives in the State of Michigan. Surrounded by many musical friends, music is as much a therapy as it is a calling.



Saturday January 26 — DARIN FRANCIS

For Darin Francis, dark themes are often wrapped in sincere, if not hopeful, packages without the need for resolution or concrete solutions. “Songs about loss or sorrow are not new, so it’s important just to write and let the universe put those songs in their place for whoever might find them… even if it’s just me.“ Often delivered on the back beat with warm moving melodies, these songs might make you nod your head to the rhythm and tap into your inner percussionist or they might just shed light on the times we are living in. Either way, listen and take in these thoughtful and well-conceived tunes. And as Belian says, “We're here to hear your Indigo Dylan Petty Girls voice deliver the words we recognize all the way down to our DNA.” Indeed, this is where Francis excels.


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