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Every Friday and Saturday night Crazy Wisdom invites you to Tea and Tunes. Not a tea drinker? No problem! Crazy Wisdom offer a wide selection of coffee drinks. (while you’re here, don’t forget to try some of our tasty treats as well!)

Friday January 5 – BOBBY PENNOCK

Bobby Pennock is an accomplished singer/songwriter whose style, albeit unique, is reminiscent of those celebrated folksingers of the 1960s and 70s, like Paul Simon and Harry Chapin (with a heaping helping of The Beatles thrown in), crafting songs that catch you off guard with lines like: Don’t try to reason – a little thought might give you heed/You don’t need to be wise when pleasing all your wants/By disguising them as needs... Listening to him perform is like watching a good magician. When it's over, you can't help but ask: How did he do that?

Bobby's album, 10,000 Stories, is packed with such lyrical tricks - a blend of humor, caged emotion, suburban zen - delivered innocently enough inside smooth vocals and fetching guitar work.

When not performing solo, Bobby can be seen on stages around with a band of songwriters known as Taller Than They Appear.



Saturday January 6 – (Change of performers) The trio of San, Emily and Jacob

The trio of San, Emily and Jacob formed in 2013, but they have a long history together. Father and daughter San & Emily Slomovits have been playing music together since Emily was a young child. San, along with his brother Laz, as the duo Gemini, have been a highly popular folk act throughout Michigan and the United States since 1973, and Emily began joining them on stage when she was just eight years old.

Jacob Warren and Emily have known each other since kindergarten and have played music together in many settings throughout their school years. Emily, 23, is an accomplished violinist, having studied classical violin for more than a decade, and has also developed a lovely and unique singing style. She graduated in 2017 from Eastern Michigan University with a cum laude degree in German Language and Literature and a minor in Musical Theatre. Jacob, 22, is a talented and decorated young bassist, with an interest in a wide variety of genres. He is a 2017 graduate and Earl V. Moore Award in Music recipient from the University of Michigan with a summa cum laude degree in classical bass performance.

San, Emily and Jacob’s concerts feature a range of traditional and contemporary folk, jazz, classical music, Broadway show tunes, and more. Their beautifully blended harmony vocals and exciting instrumental work breathe new life into this wide variety of music, and audiences thrill to their warmth, humor and ease on stage. They released their first CD,“Innocent When You Dream” in 2013.



Friday January 12 – BOB SKON TRIO

Fusing a singer / songwriter style with a healthy dose of folk-rock and a touch of jazz, the Trio delivers sweet and lively melodies and tight harmonies wrapped around intelligent, well-crafted lyrics that capture those moments in life we can all identify with. Anchored by Bob's warm voice and Matt Steward's unique percussion, performances include an ever growing list of original songs along with interpretations of beloved songs by artists including Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Elvis (Presley and Costello), The Beatles, The Band, Talking Heads, Lyle Lovett, and others.



Saturday January 13 – BOB YOUNG

Bob Young is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the greater Detroit area. An award-winning composer, he is perhaps better known as the leader of the Delta Twins band. Bob sings songs of “yesteryear and things held dear”.

A prolific writer, Bob has been composing since he was just twelve years old. As a teen, Bob found he had a knack for writing songs with depth against music that was a remarkable blend of his influences without copying any one of them in particular. He studied music theory in college, then taught himself piano, blues harp, guitar, and became proficient at computer-based music and digital recording.

Bob is the grandson of a West Virginia coal miner. His father moved from West Virginia to Detroit in search of the American Dream. He grew up on the sounds of the 1960’s and 1970’s - everything from rock to blues to soul to folk to jazz to gospel and then some.

On Sunday mornings it was gospel quartets and Mahalia Jackson; during the week it was the Smothers Brothers, Jim Croce, John Denver. His friends at school turned him on to Yes, Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd, and Elton John. He explored Curtis Mayfield, The Temptations, and Billy Joel on his own. In his teens he locked on to Boston, Nugent, Seger, and then the universe exploded with Queen’s “Night At The Opera”. The fragments settled on Journey, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, and found their home in the songs of Marc Cohn, Jackson Browne, and Bill Mallonee.



Friday January 19 – STUART BENBOW

Blending the heart of country music with the rich story telling of folk, and adding a touch of pop to give it some drive, Stuart writes about the world around him. Raised on music, and taking to instruments at an early age, the acoustic guitar eventually became the primary instrument of choice when crafting or performing song. A husband and father of two, a carpenter by day and a singer-songwriter whenever possible, Stuart was born in Canada, and now lives in the State of Michigan. Surrounded by many musical friends, music is as much a therapy as it is a calling.



Saturday January 20 – INDIAN MUSIC NIGHT

A monthly tradition that started in 2007, Indian Music Night is a fun, cozy evening of music curated by local tabla player John Churchville with the members of Ann Arbor based Indian fusion group Sumkali. Every month is a different array of music and musicians ranging from the classical, Hindustani and Carnatic, to more folk and fusion styles like Raga Jazz and Bollywood. You will experience the sounds of a musical tradition that dates back over 2000 years brought to life with traditional Indian instruments like the tabla, bansuri, sarod, sitar paired with more traditional western instrumentation like guitar, bass and saxophone. Come early for a seat on one of our most popular nights!.




Friday January 26 – THE NERK TWINS

Mike Wilhelm grew up in Detroit and seeing the Beatles on Sullivan prompted him to get his first guitar, a Silvertone from Sears. He played it and some successors while he spent the next few decades working on his career in IT, eventually ending up at Ford Motor Co. As retirement drew near, he began to wonder what would be next for him. He had heard tell of an open mic hosted by Ted Berlinghof at a cafe called Xhedos in Ferndale. Xhedos evolved into AJ's Music Cafe and while spending many happy nights there he made lots of new musical friends, one of whom was Professor Greg Sumner.

Greg Sumner had been born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is to this day a dyed in the wool Hoosier. His life path took him to law school and into corporate law, which he soon decided was not for him.  Back to the books and, in the fullness of time, a second PhD in history. A sinecure at the University of Detroit-Mercy brought him to the D,  and he settled in (coincidentally) in Ferndale, Michigan. He brought his childhood interest in popular music, fostered by an older brother, with him. Greg has also authored a couple of books along the way. (Publish or perish!) Unstuck in Time is a literary biography of Kurt Vonnegut and more recently, Detroit in WWII, about the Arsenal of Democracy.

At AJ's, the "Twins" quickly discovered a common love of the music of Lennon and McCartney and began to share the stage at various venues around Detroit. So a couple of years ago they decided to put in a little effort, and develop a couple of hours of rehearsed material for just such opportunities as this. It wasn't real hard, since they'd been singing these songs to themselves for so long. They love to share this music with others like themselves, to whom it means so much and maybe even encourage a budding new fan now and again.



"Judy Banker is emerging as a premier songwriter with universal appeal. A singular unique talent and stage presence...that is organic and soul-driven, Banker writes songs with a more creatively complex vision. Her new CD, Devils Never Cry, is a complete compendium of the twists and turns anyone might face, turned into a delightful and at times heart-weary mix of cautionary tales and tonics for the troops. Several of the songs on this could be considered classics." Michael G. Nastos, Pulp Magazine Online, 88.3 WCBN-FM Ann Arbor, Founding member & Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award, Southeast Michigan Jazz Association.

“Scott Fab is retro without being retro and I could not be more thrilled”... Leave My Friends is a beautifully crafted album, perfect for today but reaching into the past... he combines a rustic mystique with striking stories of everyday life.

"Many if not most tracks on this album are quite straightforward blue-collar Country-Folk songs that could or should have come from the pens of Springsteen, Kristofferson or more recently Sturgill Simpson...." Crafted from the heart, Ed Dupas’ simple yet soulful music flows from an array of broad social themes to more personal narratives of love and loss.




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