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Every Friday and Saturday night Crazy Wisdom invites you to Tea and Tunes. Not a tea drinker? No problem! Crazy Wisdom offer a wide selection of coffee drinks. (while you’re here, don’t forget to try some of our tasty treats as well!)

Friday June 30 – ADAM LABEAUX

If home is where the heart is, and the soul speaks to the heart, and Adam Labeaux sings to the soul, what does that mean?

Multi-instrumentalist, Adam Labeaux has been performing professionally since 1992. Michigan born, he was chorally-trained, and taught himself guitar by listening to records and watching other musicians. He is a fierce rhythmic guitarist, an adept finger-style player, and an inspired improvisational lead guitarist. On stage he is dynamic and personable, engaging audiences and weaving stories throughout his performances.

Adam’s music, once aptly dubbed “Heartland Soul” by a fan, draws from a wide array of interests and influences. At any time you may find the juxtaposition of folk, soul, country, funk, jazz, and rock. Listening to his songs, that touch on the topics of love, loss, sexuality, longing, and hope, you will find yourself in a comfortable pocket like the one belonging to your wallet in your favorite pair of jeans.



Saturday July 1 – BILLY BRANDT

Billy Brandt is a multiple-award-winning Detroit area singer-songwriter, whose rootsy, folky, psychedelic alt-country background underpins strong songwriting and an adventurous spirit. A mainstay of the local Detroit scene, Billy's collaborations with other artists are near-legendary - and you're as likely to find him out playing with former protegee Jill Jack, or his 'Celticana' duo with Sarana VerLin, or his roots rock combo Grievous Angel, as you are to find him solo. His excellent solo album 'The Mission Band' showcases both his songwriting and his performance collaborations, and is well worth more than one listen. Billy's love for music is infectious, and his embrace of different genres brings a richness and an expanse to his shows. Be prepared for a genial, convivial, and musically rewarding evening with songs you know, songs you might know, and songs you will discover and treasure. And will earworm you unmercifully.



Friday July 7 – BOBBY PENNOCK

Bobby Pennock is an accomplished singer/songwriter whose style, albeit unique, is reminiscent of those celebrated folksingers of the 1960s and 70s, like Paul Simon and Harry Chapin (with a heaping helping of The Beatles thrown in), crafting songs that catch you off guard with lines like: Don’t try to reason – a little thought might give you heed/You don’t need to be wise when pleasing all your wants/By disguising them as needs... Listening to him perform is like watching a good magician. When it's over, you can't help but ask: How did he do that?

Bobby's album, 10,000 Stories, is packed with such lyrical tricks - a blend of humor, caged emotion, suburban zen - delivered innocently enough inside smooth vocals and fetching guitar work.

When not performing solo, Bobby can be seen on stages around with a band of songwriters known as Taller Than They Appear. You can visit this great band at www.tallerthantheyappear.com



Saturday July 8 – BELLO SPARK

Formed in 2011, Bello Spark brings an intensely emotional, open-hearted and approachable rock sound to its audiences. Founders Rob Jordan(vocals/guitar), and Tory Peterson(lead guitar/vocals), both experienced musicians, came together through a mutual respect of the other’s music. This deep love and understanding of the music they played led to their award winning debut album.

The two person group began touring constantly across the Midwest and out to the Great Plains, all the while honing their craft. Upon returning to their home state of Michigan, the two joined forces with vocal powerhouse/songwriter Cole Hansen and Jay Kolk on drums.. The resulting sound has been a visceral mix of atmospheric guitar, chilling three-part vocal harmonies, and lyrics that are both uplifting and poignant. Listeners will find the light rock, urban sound laced with the honesty of folk, and the grit and emotion of the blues.

Bello Spark has received national radio airplay and is currently touring across the Midwest. Their sophomore album is due to be released July 2016.



Friday July 14 – JOEL PALMER

Joel Palmer is a respected Detroit based Singer/Songwriter and guitarist known primarily for his 30’s and 40’s era swing style, with a flair for both blues and folk as well. A trained vocalist, he is able to belt or croon a tune while creating the sound of a small combo with his guitar. For Joel, who performs over six hundred times annually, each show is an adventure in entertainment. With a great respect for every audience, he recognizes their differences and particular interests, giving his all in top-notch performances. Whether providing quiet dinner music or a full blown song and dance cabaret show, Joel handles it with style, always leaving his audience wanting more.



Saturday July 15 – JUDY INSLEY

Singer-songwriter Judy Insley's music has been called "insightful" and "poetic." Her comfortable, instinctive vocals and skillful guitar and mandolin playing provide a strong foundation for heartfelt lyrics and flowing melodies. The release of her 2007 CD, “Leaving Home” resulted in two 2008 Detroit Music Awards nominations for ”Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Recording” and “Outstanding Acoustic/ Folk Songwriter.” She also finished among the top 30 finalists (out of over 600 entries) in the 2008 Great Lakes Songwriting Contest. A 2011 holiday single titled "Spirit of the Season" received generous airplay in the United States, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. Her latest full-length CD "Remember Beautiful" was released in May of 2013 to a sell-out crowd at Trinity House Theatre in Livonia, Michigan. Several of the songs from that CD have been featured on Folk DJ playlists throughout the U.S. In addition to her own songwriting and performing endeavors, she also works as a "side player" for other musicians and teaches acoustic guitar, mandolin, mandola, banjo and ukulele.



Friday July 21– ETHAN SETIAWAN

Community is what makes Ethan Setiawan tick. Music can take on many faces, and for the Indiana born, Boston based musician and mandolinist that face is creative collaboration with others. For Setiawan, the passion lies in the synergy that happens when a group of unique individuals come together. The combination of vulnerability, courage, and openness that collaboration requires is intoxicating. This search for the next border and the experiences that create this space is central to Setiawan's work.

While first and foremost an acoustic mandolin player, Setiawan also performs on mandocello and electric mandolin. He won the 2014 National Mandolin Championship, performed on NPR syndicate A Prairie Home Companion in 2015, and participated in Savannah Music Festival’s Acoustic Music Seminar in 2015 and 2016. Ethan has performed at venues such as Club Passim, Red Wing Roots Music Festival, Joe Val Bluegrass Festival, Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, Walnut Valley Festival, and the Savannah Music Festival. These days, you can find Ethan dividing his time between Boston, where he attends Berklee College of Music on a full ride scholarship, and his home community of Goshen, Indiana. He can be seen performing with OctoPladd, The Leafless, Mutual Kumquat, Sadie Gustafson-Zook, and Fugue Mill.



Saturday July 22– INDIAN MUSIC NIGHT

A monthly tradition that started in 2007, Indian Music Night is a fun, cozy evening of music curated by local tabla player John Churchville with the members of Ann Arbor based Indian fusion group Sumkali. Every month is a different array of music and musicians ranging from the classical, Hindustani and Carnatic, to more folk and fusion styles like Raga Jazz and Bollywood. You will experience the sounds of a musical tradition that dates back over 2000 years brought to life with traditional Indian instruments like the tabla, bansuri, sarod, sitar paired with more traditional western instrumentation like guitar, bass and saxophone. Come early for a seat on one of our most popular nights!





She loves to sing and to perform. She is glad you're here. Robin is a songwriter, penning songs of life and love, death and hate, sorrow and joy. That's life. That's Robin Monterosso music.

Lyrically driven tunes with a country bent and some kinda personal flair began flowing off of her pen at the age of 47, proof that it's never too late to live your dreams. A clear, lovely and unique voice and heartfelt delivery give her songs life that will move them into yours. Having leaped from playing guitar in her bedroom to playing stages around Metro Detroit within a matter of months, she is now co-producing and recording her first CD, and is excited to continue writing for her performances and recordings and for the music industry.

Gifts are for giving, and song is Robin's gift. Please open and enjoy it.




Outlaw Celtic Folk! Ghost City Searchlight plays music inspired by Celtic and American folk songs, infused with raucous energy. They tell stories drawn from around the campfire, from dime novels read under the covers with a flashlight, and from the experiences of anyone who feels the deck is stacked against them.




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