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Articles from Issue 42 and Earlier




Issue #42


What’s New in the Community

By Jennifer Eberbach


Sustainable Health –

Path to the Garden: The Truth about Vitamins and Anti-Oxidants

By Judy Stone


Co-housing – A Look at Ann Arbor’s Three Thriving Cross-Generational Intentional Communities

By Sarah Rigg

Photo Coordination by Susan Kravitz Ayer


 Amazing Grace –

Barbara Brodsky’s Healing Journey Continues

by Barbara Brodsky


Reading Tea Leaves — Dabbling with divinity in a tea cup

By Colette Gehr


Music Reviews

by Sarah Newland


Poetry Page


Community Supported Agriculture –

A Special 13-Page Section: Photos and Useful Info about CSA Farms in the Ann Arbor Area to Help You Buy and Eat Locally Grown Food

By Rachel Pastiva


Questions for:

Pediatrician Susan McCreadie

Chiropractor/Naturopath Andréa Brisson

Dancer Stefanie Cohen

Roughhousing Coach Chris Barbeau


Issue #41


What Your Family Medicine Doctor Is Thinking About

By Carol Ways, MD


What’s New in the Community

By Jennifer Eberbach


Green Living – Capturing Sunlight

by Rachel Pastiva


Sustainable Health ~

Viruses, Fevers, and Colds, Oh My!

By Judy Stone


Hands On Healing -- Crazy Wisdom Interviews

Seven Up-and-Coming Massage Therapists

Photography by Linda Lawson

Interviewed by Bill Zirinsky

• Introduction and Photo Spread

• Billie Wahlen

• Kelly Kempter

• Brian Cochell

• Jennifer Giacomelli

• Tohfa Khabir

• Gillian Udrys

• Eril Andes


Questions for:

Singer Tammy Corwin-Renner

Drummer Lori Fithian

Homeopath Mary Tillinghast



Issue #40


The Crazy Wisdom Interview with Dr. Jay Sandweiss

on Synergizing Western and Eastern Approaches

by Bill Zirinsky


Green Living ~ The Agrarian Adventure

by Rachel Pastiva


Barbara Brodsky on the Nature of Healing


Michigan in the Raw – The Living Foods Scene

By Petula Brown


Elizabeth Alberda on Holy Sound


Coming into My Years: Preparations for the Last Third of Life ~

By Jeanne Mackey


Sustainable Health ~

By Judy Stone


Questions for:

Jocelyn Granger of AAIMT,

Sondra O’Donnell of Sun Moon Yoga

Jenni Flowers


Issue #39


Green Living ~ Growing Hope for the Future

by Rachel Pastiva


The Crazy Wisdom Interview with Haju Sunim ~

Zen Teacher and Resident Priest

at the Zen Buddhist Temple

by Bill Zirinsky


Practitioner Profile ~

A Visit with Wasentha Young,

Founder and Master Instructor of the Peaceful Dragon School

by Lani Kwon Meilgaard


Catching Up with John Friedlander ~

Author, Meditation Teacher, and Psychic

by Bill Zirinsky


The Short Good-bye ---

Creating a Ritual to “Send Off” a College-Bound Daughter

by Sabrina Gross


Issue #38


An Interview with Jeanne Adwani ~

Tarot Storyteller, Craftswoman, Poet and Hair Healer

by Bill Zirinsky


Turning Darkness Into Light ~

My Story of Living with Cancer

by Sara Schreiber


Anthroposophic Medicine in Ann Arbor ~ A Visit with Dr. Molly McMullen-Laird & Dr. Quentin McMullen

by Lani Kwon Meilgaard


If You Could See Her Through My Eyes ~ A Journey of Love and Dying in the Fall of 2007

by Bill Zirinsky


Questions for:

Gari Stein

Michele Bond


Issue #37

A Story of Healing ~

Barbara Brodsky shares her story of her quest for healing with

the Brazilian shaman known as “John of God”


Rumi: Poet of the Heart

by Laz Slomovits


Questions for:

Herbalist & Healer Mary Light

Drummer & Performer Ryan Edwards

Tai Chi Teacher Genie Parker


Issue #36


Introducing Ann Arbor Kirtan ~An Ancient Yoga Tradition Combines Satsang, Sacred Music and Chanting

by Glenn Burdick and Dennis Chernin


In Memoriam - Barbara Linderman (1934 - 2007)


Carpentry as a Hallucinogen by Will Balice


Why We Are So Passionate About Transformational Breathwork

by Julie Wolcott and Marcia Bailey


Issue #35


A Profile of Cécile Green and Daniel Little: Bringing Heart and Soul to Landscaping and Natural Building by Lani Kwon Meilgaard


How to Heal Your Broken Heart - A Cardiologist’s Secrets for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health Excerpts from the New Book by Ann Arborite, Dr. Kirk Laman


Thinking Inside-Out of the Box by Debbie Merion


A Visit with Local Acupuncturist Gary Merel By Mary Ledvina


Practitioner Spotlight: Nia™ Teacher Robin Okun by Sarah Newland


Issue #34


The Crazy Wisdom Interview with Richard Miller, Tai Chi and Bagua Teacher by Dennis Chernin, MD, MPH


A Profile of Renaissance Acres Organic Herb Farm by Lani Kwon Meilgaard


Issue #33


Interviews with the Next Generation of Holistic Physicians by Bill Zirinsky


Issue #32


The Crazy Wisdom Interview with Peter Fleming on Gestalt Therapy and Contribution Training by Bill Zirinsky


Life with My Two Little Girls by Bill Zirinsky


Issue #31


Practitioner Spotlight: Marsha Traxler by Sarah Daher


Reiki Thrives in Ann Arbor by Matthew Muth


An Interview with Ann Arbor Attorney and Activist, Molly Reno, on Cancer, Photography and Healing by Jonathan Ellis


Music, Healing, and Transformation by Jeanne Mackey


The Crazy Wisdom Bookstore Salon Meets the World Café: Shaping our Future through Conversations that Matter by Lucinda Kurtz


Issue #30


Call to Compassion - Excerpts from Aura Glaser's New Book


My Grandmother's Spirit is Showing Me Her Pearls by Debbie Eisenberg Merion


Contemplating Unity in Divisive Times by Helen R. Weingarten


Yoga and Meditation, from Macedonia to the United States by Ema Stefanova


Getting Started: Overcoming Obstacles to Meditation by Sandra Finkel


Issue #29


Iyengar Yoga's 30 Years in Ann Arbor by Yoga Instructor Lynlee Sky


Issue #27


The Crazy Wisdom Interview with U-M Professor Richard Mann by Bill Zirinsky and Claire Crevey


Issue #26


Merri Walters on Healing, Flower Essences and Spiritual Timing by Claire Crevey


Issue #25


The Crazy Wisdom Bookstore Salon on Miracles: An Experiment in Community and Inquiry By Lucinda R. Kurtz, Salon Facilitator

Interview with Betsy Adams by Bill Zirinsky


Issue #24


The Crazy Wisdom Interview with: Chetana Florida of the Lighthouse Center & Jain Leader Gurudev Chitrabhanu by Bill Zirinsky


Issue #23


Building the Bridge Between Conventional Medicine and Holistic Healing by Lucinda Kurtz


Hildegard and Healing Chants by Norma Gentile


Issue #17


Tibetan Buddhist Lama Gelek Rinpoche Talks About His Years in Tibet and India, American Politics, and the Evolution of Jewel Heart by Bill Zirinsky


Healthful Hideaways by Petula Brown

Creative Health Insitute: Sharing Living Foods with the World

The Inn at the Rustic Gate: R&R in Balance with Nature

Healthful Hideaways:The Kerr House

A Visit to the Cottage Retreat Center in Jackson


Issue #16

A Conversation with Musician and Music Therapist Kathy Moore by Judy Stone


Issue #9

The Crazy Wisdom Interview with Khepa and Acala of Crazy Cloud Hermitage on Tantric Buddhism

by Bill Zirinsky


Issue #5

Interview with Brian O'Donnell

Originally published in Issue #5 of the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal (then known as The Crazy Wisdom Calendar) -- January thru April 1997.






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