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Issue #53 January - April 2013


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Articles mentioned in this issue...


A Conversation with Musician and Music Therapist Kathy Moore

An Interview with Betsy Adams


The Crazy Wisdom Interview with Khepa and Acala

of Crazy Cloud Hermitage on Tantric Buddhism


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"Issue 42 and earlier" (link located on right hand side of this page)

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What’s New in the Community –

by Lynda Gronlund


Ann Arbor’s Missing Central Park

by Will Hathaway


Leaps of Faith: Tales of Newer Local Businesses

by Mary Runser

Mix Retail and Studio Theater

Wheels in Motion


Green Living ~ Manifesting a Dream Job: How DIY Culture, Etsy,

and Ingenuity Helped a Local Couple Find Their Place in the Global Market by Rachel Pastiva


The Soul’s Progress: Thoughts on

Reincarnation and the Akashic Records

by Maureen McMahon


Mary Anne Perrone ~ Spiritual Guide, Anam Cara

by Jeanne Ballew


Sustainable Health ~ Classical Homeopathy — The Way of Life

by Monica Gurnani


Integrative Approaches ~ Dr. Amy Saunders Opens Up about Illness, Contemporary Medicine, and her Transition to a Holistic Practice by Rachel Urist


Excerpts from the New Book by Local Buddhist Lama,

Traktung Yeshe Dorje, of Tsogyelgar Dharma Center,

Eye to Form is only Love, A Journal of 100 Days


A Body of Artists and Their Bodies at Work

by Syndy Sweeney


EMDR: Recovering Lives by Moving Out Trauma

by Syndy Sweeney


Combing Her Hair ~ A Hospice Worker Reflects

on Dying with Dignity and Grace

by Mary DeLisle-Berry


All Creatures Great and Small ~ On Becoming a Dog Whisperer

by Julia Levitt


The Crazy Wisdom Kids Section

Kids Book and Media Reviews

by Sarah Newland


Crazy Wisdom Kids in the Community

by Nieka Apell


Save the Earth, Tend the Children ~ A Visit with Naturalist

Jeannine Palms, Owner of Blossom Home Pre-School &

 Adventures by Rachel Urist


Conscious Parenting Column ~

First Crushes at the Speed of Online Communication

by Jen Pavich


Winter Events Calendar for Kids


The Calendar Edited by Sarah Newland

Background Info on the Teachers


Focusing: A Way of Living Mindfully

by Joya D’Cruz


The Magic of Childhood Winter

by Pattie Postel


Pharmacist Discovers the Power of the Medicine

Within through Qigong

by Erin Reas


Relating with the Enneagram

by Su Hansen


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