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Issue #51 May - Aug 2012



Complete Issue


What’s New in the Community

by Lynda Gronlund


Leaps of Faith: Tales of Newer Local Businesses

by Mary Runser


Professor Jane Dutton’s Passion for Compassion

by Michelle Pafford Helms


Pianist, Athlete, Patient ~ A Respected Ann Arbor Piano Teacher

Reflects on the Rewards of Teaching Music, Community Building,

and Staying Active and Proactive throughout his Journey with Cancer

by Rachel Urist


Community and the Way of the Heart ~

Karl Pohrt Interviews Rev. Joe Summers


Green Living ~ Designing Our Stuff As If Our Health Matters

by Tracey Easthope


Healing from PTSD: Rebuilding Veterans’ Lives with Dignity ~

Syndy Sweeney Talks with Neuropsychologist Dr. Eric Amberg,

Occupational Therapist Karen Jones, and Stiggy’s Dogs Founder

Jennifer Petre about Changing Views of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

and New Methods for Healing our Soldiers


This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine . . . .

by Barbara Brodsky


“Is Your Head on Straight?”

Probably Not, but Chiropractor Rob Koliner

May Be Able to Fix That — and More

by Amy B. Garber


Surprised by Love ~

A Love Story about How Falling in Love with a Very Good Dog

Allowed Me to Open My Heart to a Very Good Man

by Helen Weingarten


Business Owner, Musician, and Philosopher Paul Tinkerhess Opens

Up About his Activist Youth, Founding Fourth Ave Birkenstock,

and His Vision for the Water Hill Music Festival

Interview by Sandor Slomovits

& Music Reviews by Sarah Newland


The Crazy Wisdom Kids Section

Kids Book and Media Reviews

by Sarah Newland


Crazy Wisdom Kids in the Community

by Nieka Apell


Conscious Parenting Column ~

Teaching Children to Tame Technology

(Formerly Known as “Turn That Thing Off”)

by Annie Zirkel


Planting a Seed ~ Students at Two Local Charter Schools

Benefit from EMU’s Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition

by Karen Foulke Larson


Sustainable Health Column ~ Reforming the Norms of “Kids’ Food”

A Nutritionist Reflects on her Family’s Legacy

and How You Can Impact Yours

by Cindy Klement


The Crazy Wisdom Kids Summer Camp Profiles ~

Four Summer Camps, Unlimited Possibilities

by Kimberly Didia


Vipassana Meditation: Dorothy Ann Coyne Speaks from

Forty Years of Practice About the Method

and Benefits of Vipassana Meditation

by Dorothy Ann Coyne


An Excerpt from Regina Elkhatib and Angela Christensen’s

New Book, Families of Children United in Spirit ~

Spiritual Journeys of Families After the Loss of a Loved One


Combining Subconscious Belief Attunements with Reflexolo-Chi™

~ How Erasing Negative Thoughts and Trapped Tension

Creates Lasting Mind-Body Results

by Gloria Zimet


Digestion Therapy: The Relationship Between Food

and Neurological Imbalances

by Mark Rojek


Endpiece ~ Creating a World Where Everyone Wins

By Jim Stacey


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