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Complete Issue


What’s New in the Community –

By Lynda Gronlund with Anne Duffy


Leaps of Faith: Tales of Newer Local Businesses

By John Fredericks


Ann Arbor 350 –

Taking on Climate Change, One Challenge at a Time

By Monica Patel


Sustainable Health Column ~ Rebel with a Cause

By Abbe Grossman


Occupy Yourself

By Bronwen Gates


Questions for Acupuncturist Cynthia Esseichick

Interviewed by Maureen McMahon


Allowing Your Best Self to Shine Through:

Marc Lerner on a Healthy Way to be Sick –

By Mary Runser


Drawing the Buddha’s Sublime Form — Buddhist Artist Rob Davis

on Internalizing the Image of the Buddha in Tantric Art

By Rob Davis


Siberian Buddhism, Siberian Shamanism and the Politics of Memory –

Anthropologist/Filmmaker Anya Bernstein

Interview by Karl Pohrt


Sreyashi Dey, Dancing with Tradition –

Recreating Ancient Indian Spiritual Dances for Modern Audiences

By Sandor Slomovits


Bearing Witness –

The Story of a Holocaust Survivor’s Journey from Escape

to Being a Forensic Psychiatrist Specializing in Homicide

Interviewed by Richard Gull


Bringing It All Back Home –

An Ann Arbor Songwriter, Musician, and Community-Builder Returns

to the Small Town of Her Youth to Sing Her Life Song

By Jeanne Mackey


Three Ann Arbor Musicians — Laz Slomovits, Lori Fithian,

and Eric Fithian on Collaborating with Jeanne Mackey

and What It Means to “Come Home”

Laz Slomovits

Lori Fithian

Eric Fithian


All creatures great and small ~ Deconstructing “Dog Food”

By Alice Liberson


The Crazy Wisdom Kids Section

Kids Book and Media Reviews

by Sarah Newland


Conscious Parenting –

Sweet Journeys and the Grocery Checkout

By Bernadette S. Kovach, Ph.D.


Music and Parenting ~ Somewhat Like A Symphony

By Gari Stein


Storyteller Laura Pershin Raynor –

A Gift to the Community

By Karen Foulke Larson


The Power of Movement

By Karen Foulke Larson


Barb Christensen, Breaking Barriers (and Boards) in Karate –

How One of the First Female Black Belts in Shimabukuro Karate Went on to Lead Her Own Club in Ann Arbor

Interviewed by Bill Zirinsky


Crazy Wisdom Kids in the Community

By Karen L. Totten


Birth Story Nights –

Honoring All Experiences from All Mothers

By Kate Stroud


An Excerpt from Lorri Coburn’s

Breaking Free: How Forgiveness

and A Course in Miracles Can Set You Free


What Makes an Oil Essential?

By Nancy Harknett


An Excerpt from Pat Fero’s Sacred Marching Orders: Imagining the Solar Feminine at the Dawn of a New Age


An Excerpt from Lorna Brown’s

Dragonfly Dialogues: Memories of an Awakening Spirit


Issue #50 May - August 2012

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