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Complete Issue


What’s New in the Community –

By Anne Duffy


Kids, Stress and Conversations around Town

Chasing Answers for 21st Century Parents

By Michelle Pafford Helms


Growing Roots and Branching Out ~ How TreeTown Murals Celebrates

Our Community’s Diversity Through Art

By Rachel Pastiva


Leaps of Faith: Tales of Newer Local Businesses

By Mary Runser


Go Eco-frugal! Being thrifty is a powerful “green” practice

By Sarah Rigg


The Women of Tapestries ~ Anita Rubin-Meiller, Dawn McCalla,

Karen Zokas and Hillary Baldwin

Working with Survivors of Sexual Abuse, and Witnessing

Small Miracles that Transform Lives

By Maureen McMahon


Emergence ~ By Bronwen Gates


Sustainable Health Column ~ Coby’s Farewell Gift

By Judy Stone


A Pathway Home ~

Walking the Labyrinth at Matthaei Botanical Gardens

By Lindsay Hitt Passmore


An Excerpt from Psychic Psychology ~

The New Book by Local Author John Friedlander


All creatures great and small ~ What to Feed Your Dog and Cat

By Lisa Pearce


Acupuncture Comes of Age in Ann Arbor

Brodie Burris

Dr. Shan Kong

Dr. Qingchun Kong

Ellen Porter

A Guide to Local Acupuncturists


The New Face of Acupuncture in Michigan –

Carey Ryan Blends East and West in her Practice

By Jeannie Ballew


The Crazy Wisdom Kids Section

Kids Book and Media Reviews

by Sarah Newland


Crazy Wisdom Kids in the Community

By Karen L. Totten


Supporting Children’s Grieving

By Carrie Hatcher-Kay, PhD


One of a Kind ~

Steve “Oz” Osburn and his Music Environment

Inspire Musicians of All Ages

By Karen Foulke Larson


The Crazy Wisdom Calendar Section

The Calendar

Edited by Sarah Newland

Background Info on the Teachers

Also includes...

• Envisioning the Shift: Our Role in the New Paradigm by Nina Howard


• More than Bee Stings and Seasonal Sneezes:Transforming the Conversation about Food Allergies by Gary Merel


• Tapping into the Healing Power of Yoga ~ A Nurse’s Healing Journey Leads to a New Career by Janine Polley, RN, RYT


• Kabbalah Miracles ~ By Karen Greenberg


• A Tale of Two Worlds: Science and Spirituality ~ Physicist Teaches Meditation at the Sri Chinmoy Center by Kapila Castoldi, Ph.D


endpiece ~ A Hedgewitch’s Thoughts on Halloween:

A Conversation with Misti Delaney-Smith

By Mary Runser

Issue #49 Sep - Dec 2011







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