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Issue #47 Jan - April 2011

Complete Issue


What’s New in the Community –

By Jennifer Eberbach


Sustainable Health Column ~

The Road Less Traveled: Making Unconventional Medical Choices

By Judy Stone


Bringing Healthy Foods into Michigan’s Hospitals ~

Questions for Hillary Bisnett of the Ecology Center

By Bill Zirinsky


Questions for Dr. Aditi Dave about Meditation,

Medicine and Consciousness

By Bill Zirinsky


Acupuncture for Dogs and Cats

By Dr. Monica Turenne


A Winter’s Solitude

By Diane Kimball


Birthing the New ~ Wonder and Delight

By Bronwen Gates


The Secret of Light - Crazy Heart Wisdom

By Robert Thibodeau of Mayflower


Remembering Paul

By Richard Gull


Music Reviews by Sarah Newland


Drumming Up the Gifts/Drumming Down the Blessings

By Mary Runser


Drum, Voice, and Breath ~ Three Paths to Wholeness

By Lindsay Passmore


Poetry Page


Gay and Lesbian Spiritual and Family Life in Ann Arbor ~

A Look at Evolving Attitudes and Practices at Local Churches, Temples, Dharma Centers and Spiritual Communities

by Sarah Rigg

An Interview with Theresa Bassett on being a Lesbian Mom with Six Kids and a Fulfilling Spiritual Life in the Unitarian and Zen Buddhist Communities

An Interview with Debbie Zivan on being a Lesbian Single Mom and Returning to her Jewish Roots

An Interview with Craig Kukuk and AT Miller on the Evolution of their Spiritually Rich Life Together


Book Reviews


The Crazy Wisdom Kids Section

Kids Book and Media Reviews

by Sarah Newland


A New Fairy Comes to Town ~  A Talk with the Creators of the Locally Published Fairy Book, Aprilmae Gets Carried Away!

By Rachel Pastiva


Teaching Children about Nature through Faeries and Nature Spirits

By Marcia Maria


Conscious Parenting ~ How to Connect to Your Child

(So They Can Connect to the World)

By Annie Zirkel


The Best of Both Worlds ~ Local Doula and Author Cynthia Gabriel Empowers Women to Create Natural Birth Experiences Within a Hospital Setting

By Rachel Pastiva


Crazy Wisdom Kids in the Community

By Karen L. Totten


From The Crazy Wisdom Calendar Section...

Moving Through the Winter Blues by Dr. Marnie Burkman

Local Space Astrology by Nancy Bahlman

Spotlight on Jackson Kaguri and his new book The Price of Stones: Building a School for My Village


Background Info on the Teachers









The Crazy Wisdom

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