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Issue #46 Sept - Dec 2010

Complete Issue


The Art of Touch ~

Profiles of the 5 Women Healers of Complete Chiropractic

& Bodywork Therapies by Mary Runser

Chiropractor Linda Berry

Chiropractor Kathleen Dvorak

Craniosacral and Polarity Therapist Renée Rutz

Massage Therapist Lisa Fox-Del Zoppo

Trager® Practitioner Kirsten Mowrey


From Our Hearts to Our Hands:

How Handiwork has the Power to Transform Us

by Rachel Pastiva


Questions for Oran Hesterman of the Fair Food Network about the Good Food Revolution

by Bill Zirinsky


Sustainable Health Column – Food Fight in Lansing

by Judy Stone


The Crazy Wisdom Interview with Karen and David Ufer on the Gifts of a Lifelong Practice of Yoga

by Bill Zirinsky


Barbara Brodsky’s Healing Journey Continues



by Bronwen Gates


Poetry Page


Music Reviews


Crazy Wisdom Kids Section, which includes...


Crazy Wisdom Kids in the Community

by Karen L. Totten


Singing Peace into the World:

The Mindful Music of Joe Reilly

by Rachel Pastiva


Questions for Rob Byas about the

Ann Arbor College of Martial Arts,

and Teaching Self Defense to Kids


Innovative Natural Playground is in the Works

by Karen L. Totten


Spotlight on Annie Burnside, Author of

Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a

Spiritually Conscious Family


Spotlight on Annie Zirkel, Author of You’ll Thank Me Later:

A Guide to Nurturing Gratitude in Our Children

and Why That Matters


From the CW Calendar Section...


A Christian Mystic’s Path

by Rev. Lela Iduna


Celebrating Peaceful Dragon School’s 20 Years

by Wasentha Young


Spotlight on Cynthia Pomerleau, Author of Life After Cigarettes


Spotlight on Paul Quinn, Author of Tarot for Life








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