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Would you like your holistic business/practice to be represented on the web, but are unsure of how to design or maintain a website?


Crazy Wisdom’s Full Page On-line ads may be what you are looking for. These ads are actual web pages located on the World Wide Web within the Crazy Wisdom web site, www.crazywisdom.net. Carol Karr, our webmistress, will create for you a full page ad/flyer. It can be done from the graphics and text that you provide, or she can create graphics for you and you will just provide the text. Although Carol is one of our store managers and not a graphics designer, she has designed and maintained our web page since its creation and will work with you to create an ad that is satisfactory to you. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of you who do not currently have a web site of your own. The cost for purchasing a domain name, space on a web server and hiring a web graphics designer and/or a webmaster is high. We are offering this service package with a cost of only $150 set-up fee and $15.00 per month (to be paid in 1 year increments – $180.00, Due December 31st each year).


To see an example click on link below…


Diane Evans – Psychic/Intuitive


Crazy Wisdom continues to be dedicated to the practice of building community within our region. We strive to be a resource for persons seeking spiritual and psychological growth and physical well-being. We are setting out to build community in the virtual world, and we hope you will join us there.


If you have questions about the Health and Healing Resource Guide, or about Ads and Links on our Web Site, please call Carol or Bill, at 734-665-2757.


Or email at carol@crazywisdom.net




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