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Issue #55 September - December 2013


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Yogi Wisdom from Nepal to Ann Arbor

by Roshani Adhikary


What’s New in the Community –

by Lynda Gronlund


Jasmine Goes Visiting ~

Crazy Wisdom-esque People and Happenings Around Ann Arbor

by Jasmine Zweifler


Dr. Swaroop Bhojani’s Unique Journey with Food and Health

by Syndy Sweeney


Sustainable Health ~ The Skyrocketing Costs of Health Care:

How the Patient Can Impact the Equation

by Dr. Molly McMullen-Laird


Leaps of Faith: Tales of Newer Local Businesses

by Mary Runser

Back to the Roots

Collected Works


Gelek Rimpoche ~ Tibetan Buddhist Lama for the 21st Century

by Kathleen Foxworthy Laritz



A Conversation with Musician and Educator Ed Sarath on

Improvisation and Creativity and their Link to

Consciousness and Spirituality by Maureen McMahon


Scent as a Tool for Spirituality, Health, and Creativity

by Sarah Rigg


Awakening ~ A Map of the Territory

by Caroline Charlesworth


Exploring Whole-Body Healing ~

A Two-Way Interview Between Milagros Paredes

and Stefanie Cohen


Tantré Farm ~ Agricultural and Spiritual Bounty

by Rachel Urist


All Creatures Great and Small ~ Reading the Labels: Identifying Pet Food Allergies and Becoming Aware of Recent Food Recalls

by Dr. Crystal Eberly


The Crazy Wisdom Kids Section


Kids Book and Media Reviews

by Sarah Newland


Conscious Parenting Column ~ Kids in the Concert Hall:

Cannibal Ushers and Other Useful Fictions

By Truly Render


Foundations of Love ~ An Exploration of

Infant Massage and Attachment

by Sierra Hillebrand


Crazy Wisdom Kids in the Community

by Nieka Apel


Fall/Winter Events Calendar for Kids



Articles included in the Calendar Section


Military Technology that Spots Breast Cancer

Like a Heat-Seeking Missile

by Dr. Mazhar Shaik


A Multi-Level Healing Approach ~

Meeting the Complex Needs of Clients

by Tiffany Mazurek


Do You Have a 21st-Century Private Practice?

by Chris Wucherer


Communicating with Our Animal Friends

by Shoh Nah Hah Lieh








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