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Credit Card Payment for Community Room Rental


After receiving confirmation and the total balance on your booking from Deb Flint, you may pay for the room rental via PayPal here. (Paypal account not required)

Please fill in the Date of Event & Room Rented by slots before clicking "Pay Now."


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For info about renting the Community Room Click here



When you rent our meeting room you may choose to pay to further promote your event by...

Send out one of our E-Blasts for $75 (normally $99).

Pay below. Once you have paid for your room rental, you may return to this page to purchase an Eblast at the discounted price.



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Community Room Rental Event Form


This event form is to be filled out if you have booked the community room for dates that take place during the current issue of The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal (January-April, May-August, September-December), or if you have missed  the deadline for inclusion in the free calendar section of the upcoming issue of The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal. By filling out the below event form, your event will be promoted in the following places: our online calendar, in-store flyers, weekly email newsletter the week of the event, and daily event board the day of the event.* If you've booked the event in time to be included in the upcoming issue of The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, DO NOT fill out the below event form. Instead, please fill out the free online calendar form. Please note: you must have booked the Community Room with Deb Flint(deb@crazywisdom.net) before filling out either form.


*This is a free service offered by Crazy Wisdom Bookstore. If there are any mistakes or omissions of event details in any store-related publicity, there will be no concessions made or refunds offered. Practitioners are encouraged to visit the online calendar at crazywisdom.net within a week of submitting the form to ensure the information has been posted, and that it has been posted accurately. This service is not included in the rental of the Crazy Wisdom Community Room and practitioners should not rely solely on Crazy Wisdom publicity to publicize events.  DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW UNLESS YOU HAVE PAID TO RENT THE COMMUNITY ROOM AT CRAZY WISDOM AND CONFIRMED YOUR RENTAL AND PRICE WITH DEB FLINT - 734-665-2757.

Once you have submitted your form,
please email a photo to carol@crazywisdom.net
to be used on our online events calendar

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