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About Us

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore

Since l982, Crazy Wisdom Bookstore has served as a center of information in the subjects of holistic health, bodymind therapies, psychology, Buddhism, alternative spiritual practices, spiritual development and consciousness. Since 1989, it has been owned by Crazy Wisdom, Inc., which consists of Bill Zirinsky and Ruth Schekter, husband-and-wife.

After 40 years of serving the community, the most recent incarnation of Crazy Wisdom Bookstore
closed on February 15th, 2022

We want to remind you that Crazy Wisdom’s publications — The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, and the CW Biweekly Ezine — are thriving and will continue to publish.  Visit them at
Also, our weekly E-news will continue to be delivered to your inbox each Monday, and will remain open for your shopping convenience!
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Again, all of us at Crazy Wisdom want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our loyal and kind customers!

Crazy Wisdom Publications

Southeastern Michigan’s Conscious Living Magazines — are a resource on mindfulness, healthy living, spiritual growth, psychology, conscious parenting, and alternative therapies, plus community profiles, news, and events related to Southeastern Michigan’s vibrant holistic and conscious living community.

The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal

The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal has been published three times a year since 1995.
6,000 copies of The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal are printed, and they are available at more than 235 locations in the area.

Our Team
Publisher/Editor: Bill Zirinsky –
Advertising Sales Manager: Tana Dean –
Design and Production Editor: Carol Karr –
Designers: Jennifer Carson –, Carol Karr
Managing Editor/Staff Coordinator: Jennifer Carson
Calendar Staff: Jennifer Carson, Michelle McLemore, and Jessica Thompson

Writer’s Guidelines for the Journal

the CW Biweekly

A biweekly e-zine to shine a little light in the dark.
Born during the pandemic, The Crazy Wisdom Weekly has represented the voices of our community in a timely and entertaining manner. In October 2021 we switched to a biweekly schedule.
We welcome articles, interviews, recipes, wisdom, personal essays, breathing exercises, beautiful art and photos, favorite places for socially distant walks, news of your pets, or musings on current events.
Send your submission to

Since 1982, Crazy Wisdom has served as a regional resource for information in the areas of holistic health and integrative medicine, bodymind therapies, psychology and personal growth, Buddhism, spiritual development, and consciousness.

Originally called “The Guide to Health and Healing Resources in Ann Arbor”, the guide was updated and printed periodically starting in 1989. The online edition, was launched in 2008. The site served the community well, but like so many things on the web and it’s ever-changing technology the original site has become outdated. The new build is contemporary, clean, and easy to use for both practitioners and businesses, and also people looking for holistic practitioners and businesses.

Even though out brick and mortar store is closed you can still shop thousands of books, tarot decks, blank journals and gift items at our online bookstore… make sure to ready each issue of the CW Biweekly to find your 30% off purchase coupon code!

Job Openings

Writers wanted!
The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal is looking for new writers, specifically for writers interested in writing about food and farm related issues, pets, and book reviews. If any of these subjects are of interest to you, please email a letter of interest and links or attachments to previously published writing to jennifer@

We are always on the lookout for good articles about the holistic scene, psychological growth and body/mind modalities, integrative medicine topics, pagan-related subjects, personal journaling and essays, profiles and interviews of local green and sustainable business owners and holistic practitioners, and other feature writing. Please review our writer’s guidelines at We look forward to reading your article pitches. Please send them to

Social Media Specialist Wanted!
The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal is looking for a Social Media specialist—a person who is interested in the holistic and conscious living subjects we cover. This job entails approximately 5 hours week.

Duties of this position will include posting many times a week to various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and elsewhere. She/he will be working to build more readership for our Crazy Wisdom BiWeekly and Crazy Wisdom Community Journal content.

If you are a team player and are interested in this position, please email a letter of interest, and a resume with relevant work experience, to  (This job pays reasonably well, but it is a very part-time position.)

Artists Wanted!
We are looking for some great art to liven up the calendar section of The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal. If you can digitally deliver camera-ready art in a jpg or tiff file and think your style and subjects are a great fit for the magazine, please email a letter of interest and a high res image submission to Reasonable compensation. We will not respond to links to your website portfolio or your blog. Please pick the best example of your art that fits the magazine and send that image to us.